You are a valued member of the teaching staff at Premier School of Dance. 

We will have a meeting at the start of each term.

Please refer to your contract below for any questions on teaching duties. Thank you.


You must comply with policies, procedures and terms and conditions set out in Premier School of Dance’s Employment Contract. Can can refer to this contract online at premierschoolofdance.com.au/teacher Employment You must disclose other places of work relating to dance teaching at the start of your contract and during your employment with Premier. Teaching at other studios or running similar class offerings externally, may be considered a conflict of interest. If employment is terminated you must not contact students enrolled at Premier School of Dance and encourage them to enrol in dance classes elsewhere. Teaching Hours As a casual employee at a dance studio, the hours worked in a shift can change with short notice. Hours fluctuate regularly to accommodate studio, student and teacher availability. - Teaching hours may change from week to week. - Students and classes may change from week to week. - Shifts may be less than 3 hours. By signing this contratc you understand and agree to be paid only for the hours you work. - 15min breaks between classes will be paid. - An employee must be given an unpaid 30-60min break if working more than 5hrs. If you prefer to work though without an unpaid break, you will need to email info@premierschoolofdance.com.au to say you preer to work the hours without a break and agree to be paid at your usual rate. - If a student is away from a private lesson which is scheduled at the start or end of a shift, the employee will be paid for their time. Loyalty Students must not be encouraged to attend weekly dance classes anywhere other than at Premier School of Dance. Parent Correspondence All correspondence with parents must be approved by Nikki Abdilla. Parents are not to be contacted outside of the studio including on Social Media. Confidentiality - Wages are confidential and must not be discussed with any employees at Premier School of Dance or with anyone outside the school. - You must not, during the course of your employment or thereafter, use or disclose confidential information relating to Premier School of Dance, including but not limited to client details, music selections and choreography. - All choreography supplied to Premier students whilst on payroll, remains property of Premier students. Branding The Premier brand must not be used for any marketing or communication purposes unless approved by Nikki Abdilla. The logo must not be used by anyone other than by Premier School of Dance. If you require any printed material or communication to parents please contact Nikki Abdilla. Working with Children Clearance (16yrs and over) Renew every 5 years It is required by law that all employees of Premier School of Dance must have a current clearance. The Screening Unit is an online process. Screening certificate must be forwarded to Nikki Abdilla prior to employment. Clearance is valid for 3 years. Safe Environments Training - Through Their Eyes Course Renew every 3 years
It is required by law that all employees of Premier School of Dance must have a current Safe Environments Training. See link for training locations to complete Through Their Eyes course. First Aid (16yrs and over)
HLTAID001 CPR Renew every year
HLTAID003 Provide First Aid Renew every 3 years It is required by law that all employees of Premier School of Dance must have a current First Aid training. - Perform CPR HLTAID001 (renew every 12months) - Provide First aid HLTAID003 (renew every 3 years) On the day of First Aid training, wear comfortable clothing as you will be on the floor role playing emergency situations. If you are under 18 you may ask to have a parent accompany you. Step 1. Get a Unique Student Identifier (USI) which tracks your Nationally recognised training. Step 2. Book your course through a reputable organisation such as St John. Step 3. Complete course. HLTAID001 is 3 hours. HLTAID003 is 1 day. Step 4. Email a copy of your certificate to Premier School of Dance. Medical Advice As a Premier employee, you are employed as a dance teacher, not a medical practitioner. Provide First Aid with in your scope of training. If a student complains of an injury, provide First Aid and ask the student to sit and watch the class and advise them to seek external professional medical advice if necessary. Do not provide medical advice other than basic First Aid. Accident / Injury 1. Determine if it’s an emergency. If so dial 000 immediately. 2. If not an emergency, apply First Aid knowledge. There is a Standard Work Place Fist Aid Kit available in Studio 1 3. Complete an incident form. Parent must sign. 4. Leave form in Studio 1 for Director. Notify Director of form with text. Evacuation In case of an emergency teachers must make the students safety the highest priority. Remind students to leave all personal belongings in the studio (teachers should take their phone with them if safe to access). Teachers must assist students to the assembly point in rear car park oposite the parklands. On arrival at the assembly point, dial emergency services on 000 then perform a roll call to check that all the students are present. If there is an injury, teachers must initiate First Aid and complete an incident report and have a witness sign it (preferably someone over 18yrs). Attitude You have been selected as a teacher at Premier School of Dance based on your dance ability, personality and technical knowledge. Please be respectful to your employer and the paying students by engaging with the students and showing genuine enthusiasm. Discipline You must maintain a disciplined class and be in control of the students at all times. You must never yell directly at a student or embarrass or belittle them. You must use appropiate language. Parent Communication Parents may wish to speak to you before, during or after class. Please give brief but concise information. If parents take more than 2 mins of your time, politely bring to their attention that you have other classes scheduled but they may contact Nikki Abdilla if they have any further questions. PIN Code Studio All teachers will have access to the building with pin code entry. The pin code is provided with the understanding that the premises are only to be entered when classes are scheduled or otherwise organised with Nikki Abdilla. When locking up the studio please remember to ensure the back door and toilet door is locked properly and that the lights and air conditioning are turned off. Please maintain a clean and safe environment in the studio. Studio Hire Teachers may enquire with Miss Nikki to hire the studio. The rate is $30 per hour. Teachers must not take classes at the studio without permission. Please pay into this account: Nikki Abdilla 065 163 1011 9143 Additional Private Lessons If you wish to have additional private lessons with your students, please book prior with Emily. She will invoice the student. We do not offer free classes to students. Teachers must not teach Premier students externally, paid or pro bono. Studio Admission Only the teacher, student teachers, and enrolled students are permitted in the studio during class. The door must be shut and parents should not enter while the class is in progress. Parents are welcome to watch the trial lesson or during parent watching week, but in following weeks they must wait in the waiting room so they don’t distract the students. The teacher must enforce this polietly. Teachers may not bring friends or other dancers/teachers into the class without permission. Punctuality You must arrive at least 10 mins prior to your lesson starting time to set up. Ask your students to warm up, stretch, and be ready for each class. It is important that teachers adhere to the timetable and do not go overtime or cut classes short. Music Nikki Abdilla must approve all music selection for performance classes. Once music is finalised please email the edited version so it can add to the studio iPads/Dropbox. CHECK TIME LIMITS CAREFULLY. Refer to student age guide provided by Nikki Abdilla. Parent Watching Days Enthusiasm for teaching should be demonstrated in each class but in particular, during parent watching week. The paying parents want to see that their child is learning and the class is orderly. Prior to starting the class explain to the parents that students may be distracted when parents are watching but they usually very well behaved if this is the case. Feel free to discipline students in an appropriate way even when parents are watching. Concert Attendance for teachers of Little stars, Hip Hop or Troupes must attend the concert. Enter hours in Xero under Assistant Duties (Non-teaching duties). Comps / Solo Teachers We strongly encourage teachers of soloists to attend their student’s performances for CanDance to show their support for their student. This is on a voluntary basis. If you can’t attend we will understand however the expectation is that you attend if possible. It is at the teachers discretion if they wish to attend other competitions for their students. This is on a voluntary basis. Comps / Troupe Teachers Teachers of troupe classes must attend the competitions. Arrive at the time set for parents to arrive. Enter hours in Xero under Assistant Duties (Non-teaching duties). Concert Attendance for teachers of Hip Hop, Little Stars and troupe classes must attend the concert. Enter hours in Xero under Assistant Duties (Non-teaching duties). Code of Conduct Refer to website for Code of Conduct. As an employee you must abide by the Code of Conduct. Child Safe Policy Refer to website for Child Safe Policy.

Meeting Agenda

Hello teachers,

I look forward to meeting with you every term to touch base on how you are going as a teacher, and how your classes are progressing. I would also love to hear any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve Premier School of Dance, and your classes. Thank you for your hard work and passion!


Review all classes in detail.

Diary Dates

Diary Dates on website.


Enter roll call for each class. This is extremely important.

Learning the kid’s names.

Student Attendance

If you have studets who are missing too many classes please text Emily to follow up.


Arrive at least 10mins before your first class to set up.

Class must run on time. Do not go over time or finish early.


Commitment to your timetable is paramount. Please do not take time off during term. If you have any changes in your availability/schedule, please let me know as soon as possible. Endeavour to find a relief.

Relief Teaching

Help find a relief if you are ill.

Exam Classes

Teach dances first then progress through the syllabus. Plan your classes so that the whole syllabus is taught well before the exam date. Give technical feedback to students. Have high expectations, and keep classes stimulating.

Exam Theory

Allow time for theory to be taught.

Student Uniform

Enforce our uniform policy for Premier students. This can be found on our website.

Teacher Uniform Policy

Adhere to our teacher uniform policy. Take pride in your presentation.

Class Size

Mention any classes with four or less students. Mention any classes that are getting too full.


Request anything that might assist you as a teacher. It may be studio equipment or professional development. It will be taken into consideration.

Student teacher evaluation forms & photos.

Toilet Policy

Students in 1need to be chaperoned by an adult. If no adult is available, the teacher must take the student.

Communication to Director

Please reply to texts or emails within 24hrs.
Do not write messages in roll call in app.

Feedback from Parents/Students

What are parents/students commenting on or asking for? Do you have any issues with particular parents?

Suggestion to Improve the Studio / Classes
Do you have any suggestions?

Dropbox Videos

Upload regular videos of what has been learnt in class for students to practice to. Upload weekly if learning new choreography. Send to Miss Nikki via Messenger if you need assistance uploading.

Parents Entering the Studio

Not allowed unless trial class.

Parent Watching Week (acro & Little Stars)

Be available. This is an important week.

Make sure you are organised, well presented and speak clearly to parents. Introduce yourself at every parent watching class and explain that the students may be shy or disruptive when they have an audience.

Trial classes / Form

Be friendly to the new parents and students.

Invite parents to watch.

Check to see if student is on roll all as a strial student. If not ask them to compete a trial form online with QR code.
Give attention to the trial student.
Buddy up shy trial students with exiting student to build their confidence and hopefully start a friendship.

Less is more! Polish routines with the aim to win a place at comps.
Encourage facial expressions and personality & flex.
Are there any students in 12&U ready for champs? Must be 12yrs old at 1st July in that year of comps.

Solo Make Up

No free classes. Devalues our time/service. Our teachers need to be paid and I need to pay rent. Any additional lessons need to be booked through Emily.
You arrange lessons with your students, Emily know and she will create an invoice.


  • Send new music prior to teaching the routine.

  • Ensure music is appropriate in terms of language, age appropriateness, and genre.

  • I will put music on the iPod as soon as possible.

  • Check solo students age and corresponding time limit on the Candance website prior to editing.

  • When editing music, don’t add silence at start. Add 3 seconds of silence at the end of the track.

  • Check levels are even when splicing different tracks together.

  • 2.5 mins

Social Media

Post weekly on teachers group send videos through for me to post on social media. Dropbox/messenger/email (please set alarm).


Discuss dates and details of:


PAC Troupe Day



Ballet Exams

Workshops / Dance Clinic

Get Ahead workshops are held in the first week before term 1 commences.

Dance Clinic Easter School Holidays.


Solo costumes.

Group costumes.

For concert/competition costumes, I will issue Costume Lists to parents explaining exactly what is needed.

Parent Centre

Direct parent queries here.

First Aid
Is your CPR and Provide Frist Aid training up to date?

Working with Children Clearance

Is your clearance up to date?

Safe Environments Training - Through Their Eyes Course Renew every 3 years

Is your training up to date?

Incident Reports

Forms are located in the Studio 1 cabinet. Complete in detail and send to 0410760056. Leave original for Nikki.

Fill in a form for injury, tripping hazards, and bullying.

Remember to never issue medical advice/aid above your first aid training.

Emergency / Evacuation Procedures

Meet outside in carpark as per evacuation chart.

Ring 000 if you see any suspicious people or feel you or the students are in daanger.

Risk assessment.

Fire hydrants.

Don’t lift anything heavy.

Report any hazards.

Xero Timesheets

Submit fortnightly on Sundays. Payment made by the following Wednesday.

New Developments

Mention any new developments.

Christmas Picnic

Lock in dates. Compulsory attendance.

Performance Review

Areas of Strength

Areas for improvement.

Revisit areas for improvement discussed at previous meetings.


Raise any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and all the very best for the next term.

Log your meeting hours in Xero under Non-teaching Duties.

Make-up Solos

1. Let Emily know you can't teach and to cancel solos.

2. Emily will notify the parent of the cancellation and apply a credit to their account.

3. Teachers to organise a make-up time with parents and let Emily know the date and time to book into DanceBiz. The class will entered on the app so you can mark the roll.

4. A new invoice will be created and any credits in the system will be applied.


Jane Smith 18.08.22 10:00 - 11:00 (cancelled class 12.08.22)
Charlotte Ed 18.08.22 11:00 - 11:30 (cancelled class 12.08.22)

Zoom Log In Details

Zoom Log In Details

Studio 1: info@premierschoolofdance.com.au Password: Dance2000#
Studio 1 ID: 545 927 1216

Studio 2: premierschoolofdance2@gmail.com Password: Dance2000#
Studio 2 ID: 390 825 6671

Studio 3: premierschoolofdance3@gmail.com Password: Dance2000#
Studio 3 ID: 604 529 3983

Studio Internet Password

User: premierschool
Password: Dance615

Start a Meeting

  • Use the website instead of the app

  • Sign In using log in details above

  • Check what studio you are logged into (as per timetable).

  • Host a meeting with video on.

  • Join with computer audio

  • Click on participants

  • Admit students.

Sign Out

  • Click on Zoom logo for home page

  • My account

  • Click person icon

  • Sign Out

Teaching Online

  • Just because you can’t see a parent, doesn’t mean they are not watching the class. Parents will judge your teaching skills based on what they see online as they aren’t usually allowed to watch a class. Don’t look at your phone during class. Be at your best at all times.

  • You can work from home if you prefer or simply come to the studio.

  • If you work from home, you are not covered by insurance. You will teach at your own risk. please ensure good lighting and a safe work environment, and a strong internet connection.

  • Test Zoom prior to your first lesson to familiarise yourself with the layout.

  • Laptop is preferrable to phone. You can angle the screen to fit yourself in better. And the size of the screen is an advantage in seeing more students.

  • Roll Call is important. If anyone is not on the list, they haven’t paid for classes. Please inform Emily.

  • Finish prior class 2 mins before end of lesson to admit new class on time.

  • There is a waiting room for student’s safety. You need to admit students.

  • Ask students to mute microphones on their end. Unmute when asking a question.

  • Screen is mirrored. If demonstrating movements facing front, reverse choreography or demonstrate moves facing your back to the screen.

  • Online teaching is more challenging than teaching in person.

  • Show additional enthusiasm to keep students engaged.

  • Use good communication skills.

  • Acknowledge each student. Individual corrections are important for the students to improve and feel engaged/valued.

  • While we are focusing on one student, give the other students set tasks so they don’t lose concentration.

  • Continue to add choreography, teach syllabus exercises so that when we are back in the studio the students have progressed.

  • Suggestion: Do a Theory classes for ballet, tap and jazz classes.

Solo Potentials

Solo lessons are not very profitable from a business perspective and take up a lot of room in our timetable hence privates are only offered to outstanding students.

Notify Miss Nikki if you have a potential soloist who has qualities listed below. Miss Nikki will determine if the students will be selected or not. If they are selected, please encourage the parent to commence solos. Please do not speak to a parent about starting solos until confirmed by Miss Nikki. A timeslot will be allocated based on parent availability and the timetable.

Soloist Qualities:

- Flexibility

- Strong arch in pointed feet

- High technical standard

- Great performance skills

- Quick learner