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Improve: Fitness / Flexibility / Posture / Musicality / Coordination
Build: Confidence / Strong Technique / Performance Skills
Develop: A Love of Dance / Lasting Friendships / Self Discipline

Quality Tuition

Life Skills

We genuinely care about assisting each individual to achieve his or her maximum potential. We believe students should be having fun as well as learning good technique.

Your child will not only learn skills in dance and performance, they will also develop confidence, self esteem and team skills which will carry them far in life.

Fully Equipped Studios

Premier has three dance studios within the one building. The studios are fully equipped with mirrors, ballet barres, specialised dance flooring, air conditioning and high quality sound systems. We have car parking and a comfortable waiting rooms.


Premier is not just a dance school, but a community. Student friendships flourish and many of the parents enjoy the social aspect of being at Premier.


The Team

Premier’s success and high standard is a direct reflection on the quality teachers at Premier, handpicked by the Director, Miss Nikki. The teaching staff are passionate about dance education and foster a love of dance in their students.

With Nikki’s direction and her committed team, Premier is a school where students flourish, be it for enjoyment or to pursue a professional career in dance.

Nikki Abdilla

Owner / Director

A.C.B.A. - C.I.C.B

Nikki is the proud owner and principal teacher at Premier School of Dance, affectionately addressed as 'Miss Nikki'.

Before managing her own school, Nikki was a dance instructor and choreographer in Adelaide and London. Whilst teaching abroad she trained at prestigious dance institutions including Pineapple Studios, Dance Works, and The Place. Upon returning to Australia Nikki continued to choreograph, teach and perform for Adelaide’s best agencies and schools.

Nikki appeared on the the television show  ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ placing in the top 100 in Australia.

Having her own studio means Nikki can nurture her student’s development from a young age. “When I see a student’s technique and confidence improve I feel I’ve achieved something remarkable”.

Nikki encourages discipline and respect from her students but her warm demeanour makes her an approachable teacher. She creates an environment where students can feel safe, supported and cared for.

As Director of the school, Nikki is highly organised, making information easily accessible for premier families.

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